EDGE is here to keep you ahead of the technological curve and help you stand out from your competition, from your logo to your website and everywhere in between. Bottom line? We make you look good.

Branding/Campaign Management


A bad logo is like a bad tattoo, a little embarrassing and expensive to remove. We will create a logo you will be proud of for years to come, with branding to match. Complement that with a creative campaign, and it will be hard for people not to notice you!

website design

Website Design

What does your website look like on a phone? Did you know nearly 60% of web traffic is from mobile devices? It seems a new mobile device is released daily, and you need a website that looks and functions beautifully no matter how the user is viewing it.

Publication Management/Layout


From concept to publication, we help you manage every aspect of producing and distributing a magazine for your organization. This includes budgeting, ad sales support, writing, layout, print brokering, and most importantly, creating a plan so it generates revenue!